Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Mini Bag

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The Background of Mini Bags

Recently, bags are miniaturizing overall. In the past, backpacks were overwhelmingly popular for both men and women, and for bags other than rucksacks, it tended to prefer large and functional bags. As one of the reasons for miniaturization, it is thought that many people have admiration for minimalism and those who have longing for an easy and smart life. Also, the spread of cards and the multi-fictionalizations and smoothening of smart phones are major reasons.



What Is the Charm of a Mini Bag?

Looking at this season from the collection, there was the two extremes of both micro mini and super big bag. However, in fact, many of the people were wearing micro mini bags on the streets. You cannot put much stuff in a micro mini bag, but it seems to be a very useful item if you get used to it because of hands free, so you can carry stuff on both hands.



Changing the Way Carry Bags

Hanging bags in the front was supposed to be outdated a few years ago, but today, most of all of the people hangings their bags in the front. People think it feels more casual. 90’s item becoming popular is one of the reasons why so many people started changing their way carry their bags. Sacoche and cross-body bags are just the things. You can carry either a sacoche bag or a cross-body bag when you wear wide pants or volume tops so you can minimize your outfit.




Recently there are see-through mini bags on the streets and in stores. You can put your favorite cosmetics and a wallet into a see-through bag so people can see it. The stuffs which you putted in are also becoming part of a fashion recently.