Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Belted Bottoms

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What is "Berutdo"?

Long-length bottoms with volume settled, waist mark with wide belt attracted people’s attention this year. There are quite a lot of "Bertado" in shops these days. Bertado originally means "with a belt". The ribbons are usually made by a same material with the pants or buckle type ribbons are attached. The mainstream of silhouette has various variations such as wide pants, flare pants, flare skirts, and tapered pants.




Reason why "Belted" is popular

As I mentioned above, the epidemic of waist mark, which uses a wide belt, is one of the reasons, but the greatest attraction of Belted is "long-legged effect". This is a one of the most important reasons. Because a belt is originally attached, sharpness appears in the waist, the line of sight rises; the vertically elongated silhouette can be emphasized. In addition, variations such as color and material are very abundant, for example, “UNIQLO" and "G.U" are selling it at low prices. Everyone can buy that item and easily enjoy trends also one of the reasons why Belted is getting popular that much.




Compatibility with trend items

Bertad is compatible with "volume sleeve" knit. The waist mark relaxes the overall sense of volume; it makes volume dress more balanced. Also, for the coming season, it is good compatibility with outerwear. This year's trend continues to be coat with volume sense such as long length and fur items. When it match with wide pants or flare skirts, you might look chubby because of the clothes. However, when you bring Belted Bottoms to your outfit, you can keep the balance.