Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



2017-18 A/W Trend Summary

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Fluffy Fabric; Mokomoko


17-18 A / W Looking back at the street; the most impressive item is "Boa Fleece." Last season I found a lot of boa items, but the feature was rough in Boa's eyes, mainstream with a design that was prominent with a big silhouette. However, at 17-18 A / W, it became a simple design with fine textile, from a high hurdle item to an affordable item that everyone can adopt. Such rustic textiles were widely accepted on the street, it can be said that the rate of wearing fleece is increasing. There must be some sports brand behind this popularity such as Patagonia.




Lightly and Loosely


When I say the leading role of winter, is coat. On the street, I saw many loose silhouettes of long length. Because the population of “Gown Coat” was very high this season, long-length items such as trench coat were also getting popular. Big silhouettes and oversize popularity will be continuing in the future, but it is not just big, but what is required there is balance and loose.




"Not Conspicuous" is Also Necessary


17-18 A / W in the shade the brand that supported trend fashion is "UNIQLO". Although it never became the protagonist of styling, it was partially adopted, such as socks, knit, scarf. You can draw out the answer “wearing less is warm”, you can just wear what you want, no need to think about to wear a lot for winter because UNIQLO’S items are very light and thin but warm, so you can still keep your styling look good. Also, because UNIQLO items can be obtained with affordable prices, you can use them for different things. It can be said that people becomes rational mind for fashion.





Fashionistas of 17-18 A / W did not get over with both styling and measures against cold. The idea of "being fashionable is pain" is old. While being conscious of the big silhouette and the oversize, be warm and comfortable. I could have seen such clever aspect on the streets in autumn and winter.