Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Orange is the new Black

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Trying On a New Thing


A cold season; autumn winter, it is the darker color such as brown and black that you want to reach out. It is a classic color that everyone can adopt in a calm atmosphere. However, to say the other way around, the classic is easy to match with others. So how do Fashionistas differentiate? The key is “Orange”. When you hear orange, you might imagine something warm and light. However, Orange is gaining popularity recently as a color to complement the mode feeling. The secret is surprisingly in a place where it is compatible with dark color such as black and charcoal gray. Amazingly bright oranges that is not just self-assertiveness, but add spice to the darkness of black. It turned the standard color of autumn and winter into a high sense color.



Mode Feeling


As for dressing, it is in "matching with black". When you hear orange, it is easy to link with bohemian and retro type, but now it is the street flow to decide the ornate to be "mode" together with black. If Orange is added to parts such as bags, shoes, lining of jacket etc, you can demonstrate the presence boldly even if the outfit is all black. Orange is not an attack color like red, but also has a warm classic atmosphere. For that reason, it was easy to incorporate into styling and was able to catch the hearts of fashionistas well.




 Orange is the colors which are often seen in fall and winter such as autumn leaves and sunset. The image has somewhat natural and sophisticated images such as bohemian, ethnic, retro somewhere. In this season, it was putted into the “mode” in the streets. Orange which drifts the adult atmosphere in classical, became "fresh feeling color" rather than passionate and powerful red.