Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Baked Color

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Changing the Image of "Fall"


People’s outfits became autumn style while the outside was getting cold. When you hear dark and heavy color in winter, like black or brown people might imagine dark atmosphere. But this year's color in the streets seems to be a bit different. The 2017-18 AW attention is "baked color". It is a dull hue; it has a romantic atmosphere different from the vivid colors and pastel colors. A new genre has been added to the colors that come to mind as saying "autumn color".




Trend Color


"Bake" means "baked", there is "warmth" as burned as it is called. It gives "retro feel" to your outfit. Indeed, baked color combines "dull hue" and "retro feel", it can be said that you can enjoy the trend altogether.




New Classic is "Pink"


If you hear pink, you tend to imagine "girly", but baked pink is not too sweet and can add "retro feel" or "mode atmosphere". Also compatible with materials such as velour and fur, street is often taken in large items such as shirts, knits, skirts. Even materials with impact can be summarized in a calm and feminine style. Moreover, it is all-purpose combinations of colors, such as being sweet together with gray, or combining black to make it dry.





The colors envisaged in fall and winter is not only dark colors such as brown and black anymore. The colors that you do not usually wear change to a familiar color with baked color. Expand the range of "fashionable" by keeping down the trend color.