Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Trapezoid Skirt

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Changing Trend of Skirt


Looking back on the trend of bottoms in these years, there were many spacious designs such as wide pants and midi length skirt, but these designs are lack of joy. Meanwhile, the item that boasts overwhelming possession rate on the street this season is "trapezoid skirt".




Anytime, Anywhere, and Any Style


The charm of this skirt is “diversity”. Design and material are really varied. Therefore, you can choose something that matches the season and situation. Make a denim material for the skirt and make it casual, you may also make a retro look with corduroy. Also plaids that are being useful in the autumn and winter are popular patterns on the streets. Because of the abundance of designs and materials, it is kind of rare to see someone wearing exactly same skirts. That seems to have grasped the hearts of the fashionistas who prefer difference.




Perfectly Styled Up


Attraction is also in shape. The waist is tight, but there is a gentle spread towards the hem, you can feel femininity. Also, it is different with tight skirts, because there is clearance between the hem and legs, there is an effect that legs look skinny. It was fully demonstrated this style up method on the streets. In recent years, oversized outerwears have been popular, but because the size is large, the body is completely buried in the outer, and "wearing feeling" comes out. However, if you adjust the trapezoid skirt to an oversized outerwear, even though the upper body has a volume, but in the lower body is skinny. Then, you can make your outfit is well-balanced and balanced style.




From now on, it is a pleasant season to wear tights and stockings. I cannot miss it how the trapezoid skirt style is going to change.