Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Tabi Boots

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It Suddenly Appears


Many of the fashionable people were talking about MM 6 last season; Maison Margiela is showing us their excitement with an item which is also in fashion this season. “Tabi Boots", that’s what people called. Why does the unusual item such as "Tabi" which is continuously chosen? I will solve that mystery.




Excellent Japanese Traditional Culture


The reason for popularity was in the comfort of the socks, which Japanese people do not even know. The” Tabi Series” was designed inspired by Japanese "Tabi". Various items such as representative ankle boots, ballet shoes, mules, long boots and so on. Common things to them are the two divided toes and a thin sole to make it as close to bare feet as possible. These features hold firmly on the feet, so fit and comfort is outstanding. Furthermore, since the heel is a thick column type, even if it is a high heel, there is a sense of stability and able to walk very easily.




Being Fashionable From your Shoes


The background of excitement can be said to be the milestone year of the tenth anniversary of Maison Margiela Omotesando store. The opportunities for tabi boots to appear in SNS and media increased because they started showing the excitement of tabi shoes of the past from the "tabi" series which is the iconic existence of Maison. Among them, lack enamel ankle boots was attracted many of the people. An unexpected combination of gloss that reminds us of traditional Japanese crafts, lacquer and mode that makes feel mode, gave a seat for the styling to the socks that people could not think of as a fashionable wear.




Maison Margiela not only added fashionable, but "Tabi’s functionalities" are there. Sophisticated mode design and tabi boots with a comfortable feeling beyond appearance will be loved in the future. Tabi sneakers have also appeared on mens line recently, so in the future it will spread regardless of gender.