Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Knit Trend

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Keep Evolving "Knit"


It is "a knit" that you cannot miss it in winter wardrobes. In general, the image of knit = “tops” may be strong, but the knit of this season spreads to the bottoms and set-up, and variations such as material and silhouette are very abundant. Not only wearing it with other items like the last season, but also the main item, knit has been growing and continues to evolve.



Shaggy Knit


One of the noteworthy features this season is "material". Materials such as velvet and fur style that have not been used much for knitting are also penetrating, and it is a versatile variation. "Shaggy knit" that such characteristics of this season are well manifested. Shaggy knit is a knit that has been subjected to "shaggy cut" that raises the surface and reduces the amount of hair towards the tip of the hair. Hair feet are long and fluffy; it seems to be getting popular due to their touch and presence of the protagonists. Not only tops, but also the cardigan which have seen a lot this year is made by such kind of materials.



“Sleeves" are Also Keywords on Knit


"Volume sleeves" which had gained tremendous support in this spring and summer, it is a form to take over the trend of "Extreme Sleeves" which have been gaining popularity since last season. In proportion to the popular over silhouette, arrangements such as knitted sleeves, extremely long sleeves are spreading. For example, balloon sleeves and fur sleeves. This season's trend to bring points to sleeves like I mentioned above, it seems to be becoming the mainstream of design.




It is indispensable for coordination of autumn winter, knit. Not only this season but also items that everyone has, it is clear that the trends of materials and details are reflected every year. It may be said that you can tell the real trend if you look at the knit.