Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Boa Fleece

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Trend of the Times


In the past few years, there is a tendency to wear outdoor wear as stylish wear on the streets. Especially popularity of this season is "boa fleece". Originally Fleece is for outdoor people, such as climbing and camping, to withstand severe cold. Therefore, it rarely became the leading role of coordination, but this year there are many people who dress it as a main item.




Quality of a Boa-Fleece


Since it is originally outdoor clothing, it is light, easy to move, and excellent in heat retention. Fluffy boa has a presence, but does not make excessive claims like fur. Simple and rustic textiles are just suitable for casual wear. In the 1990s, was improved by those young people who like outdoor activities.




Beyond The Time


“Patagonia” gained popularity especially on the streets. Things from the 90's outdoor boom are being revived. You can also see that brands and select shops are also concentrating on boa-fleece. Zip-up sweater was used to be a mainstream, but the repertory such as deep V-neck and sleeve with volume is on the rise. Boa-fleece, which was thought to be old, changed its appearance to modern fashionable clothing with its fulfilling nostalgia and retro feel.




Because of its simplicity, it can be expected to evolve from now on; it is an item that cannot be removed.