Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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Co-Ords Sets


"Co-Ords" comes from the word ‘coordinates’ and means a set of matching tops (outerwear or blouses) and bottoms (pants or skirts). Recently, even if the materials and colors on the top and bottom are different, but they match, we still call it co-ords. The feature of this year’s co-ords are easy to challenge in any style, from suit style like jacket × wide pants and dresses, there are many types of co-ords.




Innovative Combinations Also Appear on the Streets


If I say about materials, this season's trends like velour and tweed are mainly taken in. Until a while ago, the image of the dressing of advanced fashioners was strong, but the wearing rate is getting higher as a daily item. Also, the combination of "Bustier × wide pants" which had rarely seen last year also appeared and got people’s attention this year.




Influence of Trad Style


Co-Ords have been deployed since last year, but it did not get much attention, I can say it has started gaining popularity from this year. As one of the popular backgrounds, the Big Trend's "Trad Style" has been influenced. Many Taylor Jacket and Glen Check and others appeared from that flow.





In recent years, a relaxed style or relaxed silhouette was main stream. Finally the flow of fashion is gradually changing. Combining items such as formal jackets and casual clothes, it is now feeling to produce a "feeling of coming" by adding a slight incongruity. Co-Ords is may be part of that flow.