Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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Classic Item


"Corduroy" has been loved since a long time ago with its versatility that can be both a main item and a supporting item. Corduroy used for casual style like American casual style etc, and those images was quite strong, but in recent years, it showed full of variations and it penetrated as an indispensable textile in autumn and winter. The feature of that material is warm feeling, and a excellent item which can add a sense of season. Also, because it is not that shinning like velour, so it matches with any style.



Trend in This Year


Looking at the street, the corduroy of narrow ridges was conspicuous last season, but there are many corduroy items which are wide-wale in this season. In color, the target is definitely white. It is a hot topic that you can produce a sophisticated impression by bringing refreshing white color in autumn and winter outfits, while giving a sense of season with Corduroy.


A Newly Appeared Item


In lieu of wide pants, it was the jacket that gave a new name as a corduroy item. Among them, "Corduroy Bore Jacket" is popular. The cuffs and bore of the collar give a more seasonal feeling; it is a perfect fit for fall & winter. Bore and Corduroy, Fashionista is also lovingly used to those items that made two trendy materials contested so far.




Materials such as corduroy and velour which will become the key of trends are basically adopted from bottoms, and recent trends spread to tops and accessories afterwards.