Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Fur Coat

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Again This Year


Fur is a trend item in this season and it happens every year. The trend of fur items will vary from year to year, but the popularity of Babouche and clutch bags was pretty high in last year. Rather than putting fur in all part of your outfit, just bring it in some part is fashionable. This year, the width of the item spreads further, and it is conspicuous that fur is adopted as a design of clothes, such as coat pocket and knit sleeve. However, I would like to suppress it as a winter fur item as "fur coat" after all. This item is quietly showing excitement this season.



Fur Coat is Check to Be


The topic in the 2017 A / W collection abroad is a long fur coat with long hair. It is another fur court that only touched on the street of Japan. That coat appeared VOGUE FASHION NIGHT OUT 2017 held in Omotesando Hills, Tokyo this September. While numerous brands gathered, it was "Lemonplet by Choyo" where were many people. Haute couture brands centering on fur items Choyo. That released Lemonplet by Choyo as the second brand this year. Fur items are the main, and features are short eco fur legs, rich color variation can be cited. With respect to the negative image of the fur coat which is like “extra layers”, but they daringly made it to a big silhouette. It looks like you are wearing marshmallow with that cute and round shape and many of the people talked about how cute it is on SNS.



How to Dress Up


The coordination is now flowing together with jeans and sneakers to make it casual. Also, because the hair feet are shortened, the form looks rounded. Although the flashy and luxurious feeling of “wearing hair (fur)” is a little, the warmth of fur and the sense of fluffy are transmitted from the roundness. It is rather an impression that it is wearing with an oversized outer feeling.





Fur coat was once like a symbol of luxury, but evolved into a more casual way. Fur was newly added this year to outerwear that you can wear anywhere you go.