Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Gown Coat

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Multi Purpose Winter Jacket


"Oversize" is a mutual word for all kind of winter jacket in this season. Long, as well as medium length, it is a silhouette that seems to be trend. And this season is popular design that emphasizes warmth, such as down coat, quilting, and bore jacket. Among them, this versatile outerwear that combines warmth and fashion is "Gown Coat". The popularity of Chester Coat also seems to be calm; the next break is going to be a gown coat without doubt.




Attraction of Gown Coat


The feature of the gown coat is a tight silhouette. It will not wear even if it is a long length, it will match any bottoms. Also, it is also beneficial to have a waist mark by having the same belt as the belt. Just by west marking you can balance the whole, making it easier to fit even with volume bottoms. If you join on the waist, you will be able to change the image like a one piece style and become the leading role of coordination.




Dress In the Street


On the street, not only the basic type, but also vintage check patterns and vivid colors are conspicuous. In second hand clothing stores such in Harajuku, many real gown gowns which were used in the 70's also line up in shop front, and the reason of popularity can be heard. With this rich lineup, it is adopted in various styles from mode to casual. As a dress, a mannered dress that ties the belt behind roughly is popular as a style that can produce casual and comfortable feeling.





Gown coat is good for people those who think winter is hard to enjoy fashion. This versatile outerwear with a wide range of coordination with just one wear on a wardrobe will be a winter mast exchanger for Chester Court.