Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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Patterns Are Popular This Season


In recent years, the most popular trend in Tokyo Street is the norm core style. Simplicity was pursued and many people began to wear plain items. However, patterns such as Glenn check and stripe are gaining popularity this season. Among them, the pattern that attracted attention from fashionistas is the "leopard pattern". Such Leopard pattern shows a slightly different expression from strength and flashy this season.




Attracted By the Gap


In the last few years even in high brand collections such as "Dior" and "BURBERRY", animal pattern whirlwind is occurring. By boldly incorporating a representative leopard pattern, especially in animal patterns, into the main items such as coats and dresses to proved that this pattern is still a mast print. The impact also appeared in Japan this season and it could be seen at many shops such as "nano・universe", "Ungrid", "H&M". Although it is a strong design, it can be cute and feminine with fur. The gap "unexpectedly cute" resolved the sense of resistance and gained popularity.




Peek At One Point


Meanwhile, on Tokyo Street, peek at "leopard pattern" style is popular. Hats, shoes, bags etc accessories are casually taken in. Also, people wearing a coat with a fur pocket with leopard design, making it a one point of styling are also conspicuous. Many people fit these items with simple items that are colorless, such as solid color or monotone. It can be said that it is styling that cherished harmony with the norm core rather than gorgeously making leopard pattern.




It was a pattern of aggressive and flashy impression in the past, but it became a handy pattern with changes in the times. It can be said that the things that fashionistas want to express have changed. Let’s just see how people wear leopard design.