Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Ecology Fur

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The Power of Fur Accessories


In recent years, "fur" is indispensable for winter trends. Excellent textiles that can easily produce autumn and winter taste are used for various items. Especially small items stand out from classic items such as mufflers; fur is prominent in items ranging from earrings to bags. In addition, although the bags with fur handles are very popular this season, the whole fur body bags are also increasing. Eco-fur is easier to process than fur and easier to color, so it has very wide design.




Spreading Eco-Fur


Eco-fur had been said to be fake fur before, but in the word it is fur of chemical fiber. Due to the development of technology in recent years, not only appearance but also touch is realized close to genuine or real feeling more than real. Luxury born from gloss and comfort are reproduced in high quality. The price is also reasonable and easy to maintain is also a big appeal. Not only the level of quality is high, but also from the viewpoint of animal welfare, there are an increasing number of voices saying that they will never buy real fur items. For that reason, many luxury brands also tend to adopt eco-fur in products.




Next Bag; Shopper-Type Bag


Among such fur items, fur's "shopper bag" that was popular this season. It was a topic that the shape is distinctive, such as fluffy volume is cute. Because this is also used an eco-fur, the colorfulness is very abundant and can be easily match with casual style as well. I would like to keep an eye on future eco-friendly materials that will broaden the range of design.