Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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Contemporary Necessities


The brand that was wearing the most in this season is "UNIQLO." Once, wearing UNIQLO was embarrassing and disgusting. However, as the words become dead words now, the existence value of this brand is very high. For fashionistas who changed their perspectives on good quality and casualness, UNIQLO has become a must have brand.






People think heat-tech and fleece immediately when hear UNIQLO, but the one I saw many on the street was "turtleneck knit". Among the oversize boom, the reasons why people picked up this item were comfort and beauty. Even if it fits tightly to the body, you can express a supple and feminine body shape. The quality that evolves this year has been accepted by many fashionistas. In addition, "rich coloring" is also one of the reasons becoming popular so people could enjoyed their fashions depends on the situations.




Beautifully and Casually


Looking at the street, UNIQLO will never become the leading role, but never interrupts the main item. This "design which is not insist individuality" melts into styling, and makes other items prosper. Although turtle knit which we mentioned this time is also important, we do not see the design of the item. However, because it is functional and versatile, it is fact that it is an important key to complete styling. I would like to continue to watch as UNIQLO will continue to drive street fashion.