Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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The Must Winter Accessories


In styling, "the way of using accessories" is important. In recent years, wearing a belt in a high position was gaining popularity. It keeps balance the overall style. However in the winter, "scarf"; decorate the neck area play an important role. This time I will explain trends about muffler and scarf.




Which Is the Most Recent Styles?


So this winter, it was thick enough to cover their jaws. Snood scarf is not seen that much, but in the other hand, often sees "single loop" muffler or scarf. The current single-loop style is not tightened tightly, but loosely wrapped around your neck. In addition, this simple style does not kill the goodness of the item; it can firmly express the commitment to fashionista's accessories, such as pattern, material, and design.




Throw Away Your Old Wisdom


How about other arranging methods? Certainly single loop is overwhelmingly overwhelming and can be said to be the current fashionable style. However, it does not ride on the wave of the fashion, and it is born a new option like "do not roll" or "do not wear”. The image of wearing scarf and muffler around the neck is strong, but not bother to roll; just putting on the neck style was seen on the streets. As a part of design, or just adding some colors in your outfits, it was blended into styling. Furthermore, there are people who do not put anything on their neck. It can be said that it affected by the popularity of high neck and puffy sleeves. People in the streets are pretty enjoying fashion freely.