Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Volume Sleeve

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Further Evolution


Looking back on the tops on the streets, no matter what they call a topic, "Volume sleeves" got people’s attention. Following 17 S/S, 17-18 A/W never lost its popularity. In the fall and winter feel the cold, the tops hidden in the outer; it seemed that the assertion of the sleeves would go away. Contrary to that expectation, however, the sleeves showed a further aspect.




With The Changing Season


As the autumn winter comes, the volume sleeve has come to be seen in the knit. More voluminous, cuffs are gathered form "balloon sleeve" popular. This shape prevents the cold wind from the outside, it is perfect not only cute but also against the cold breeze. In addition, this season, since the item to partially incorporate fur was popular, "Fur sleeve" with fur attached to the sleeve part was also seen a lot. Unlike just a balloon sleeve, it is an item that can produce outstanding presence and warmth.




Cute Look; Long Sleeves


There is another popular sleeve. That's "long sleeve." As the name is a long sleeve, it was seen in various items such as knit, parka, and outerwear. If the sleeve is long, it tends to roll up, but it is dressing of the current style to cover the fingertips completely. It can hardly see hands, but on the contrary it can make woman look skinner. Long sleeve was a must-see point to pretty dress oversized items that tend to look loose.





Even though the keyword "volume sleeve" is the same, by making the best of the material that was in the season, the expression that the sleeve shows is completely different. It will be fashion advantage that you can enjoy the changing season.