Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



What I Like "Mini Items"





Small is just cute! I want to make my voice big. I love 'little things'. Piercing for figures, masters, monochrome shadows of rattles, things that are constantly increasing. What makes me feel that way? Recent trends to further stimulate such "small things love". Stella McCartney's Farabella, Loewe's Hammock, Celine's Luggage ... High brand handbags are awfully cute too.

The mini bag is cute three times the normal size and the capacity is approximately one third. It is an opinion that a smaller handbag like accessories looks nice as it is smaller in one piece.

Of course, I would like to aim at practical application of a folding umbrella or a plastic bottle. Well, if it's cute it cannot be helped. There is nothing beyond the impulse you are shopping. Fashionable patience, ingenuity and effort. If the bag is small, you have to decide what to bring.

What I introduce is the essential items of my comfortable mini bag set. I feel happy when people ask me like how I put all my stuff in such a small bag. Well, if you want to bring a small bag, then you have to make your stuff minimalized.

① First of all, a mini bag. Jacques Le Coro's Lisbon mini mini borrowed from my mother is a beautiful line and my favorite. ② Bag Eye Purse of J & M Davidson, an essential bean purse for mini bags. I take care of it from my grandma carefully while using it for repairing. ③ The pass case is marimekko’s mouthpiece. I put a key, an eye drops and tint lip protector + more from ADDICTION.

④ The notebook is EDiT Supur's B7 Daily. Even though it is a vertical type and it is one page a day, it is a smartphone size. ⑤ The business card size stuff is KITTA's seal. There are various patterns and sizes, and the lineup which makes people fire who likes collecting stuff. ⑥ A convenient Bluetooth keyboard is 3E, fold three ways.

For makeup cosmetics, set sizes of mini size are recommended. ⑦ Pouch like LADUREE with lady pattern, ⑧ CHICCA's mascara, ⑨ SUQQU compact rouge from Christmas coffret. ⑩ Shiseido PLAYLIST's lipstick is ideal mini size and rich in color and texture. ⑪ IPSA's face color palette is the strongest reworking palette covering teak, shades, highlights.


Recently mobile batteries are small and cute too, I also care about Petit series of integration line up convenience stores. Small and cute goods information for small and cute bags, there is many updates. Even if you tried and still not fix in a small bag then use "Eco Bag"! Fashion is a trial and error.


Urara Konishi