Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Trench Coat

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Trench changing every year


Weather is getting warmer and warmer every day but it is still cold at night without wearing a jacket. Activated in such a subtle period, the spring outerwear where the fashionistas are gathering together is the "trench coat". It is a trench coat with a strong image, but in recent years the design has changed like every year, it is a bit different from the former trench.




Now You Are Also a Brit Girl


The image of the trench coat this season is "casual and loose" things. Even looking back on the fashionable outerwear in winter, there were only things that were relaxed silhouettes, such as a no-color coat and a gown coat. Given that, it would be inevitable that a trench will be a loose dress. Also, common items such as co-ords and plaid, which are found in fashionable items, are "Brit (British style) style". Even casual materials are attractive with modern and elegant atmosphere.




Excellent Wearing Power


Even more innovative "2 ways (3 ways) trench" has been drawing attention. Fashion is said to be self-expression, but in fact it should have turned into suitable clothes, thinking about TPO. 2way can cope with such various changes. 2way items are becoming indispensable items for the millennium street generation that became reasonable for fashion.





Popular color on the street is classic color "beige". I had estimated that the khaki trench will increase more this season, but it is still small as an absolute number. When it comes to the keyword "springy", "easy to fit", "easy to handle even for beginners", you probably will not have a color better than beige in the trench.