Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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Attraction of VANS


Looking at the footsteps of the street, "VANS" is particularly high wearing rate recently. Popularity was rekindled with the simple design that does not get tired and the functionality including high grip power. History began with a small sneaker shop in California which Mr. Paul van Doren set up with his friend in 1966. The combination of sporty and roughness is one and only, and continue to be loved by fans.




Why Now?


Why is VANS getting high support so far? First of all, skateboard has been decided for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, skater fashion popularity is rising. It is VANS who gained high support in terms of function and design on the skater. Also from the styling perspective, it is compatible with wide bottoms, which still have a high rate of wearing. Because of thickness of the sole, it is well-balanced with wide bottoms. Furthermore, the tip has a plain design, so it can be matched with printed clothes. You can say it is an excellent sneaker that will adapt flexibly to any style.




Continued Support; Old School


The most popular model among VANS is representative of classic line, "OLD SKOOL". Simple and voluminous form, it can be said that it is a classic among Vans sneakers. It is characterized by a side surf line, also known as "jazz", boasts immovable popularity among low cuts. As for the functional aspect, the waffle sole of the outsole shows excellent cushioning properties.




Besides the old school, black color image is strong, but in fact the design is wide such as pink, yellow, leopard etc. It is easy to find designs that you like and things that are hard to match with other people. In addition, ambitious projects such as collaboration with designers and artists are also continuing.