Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Big Silhouette

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Changes in Recognition to Size Feeling


All the women who have seen at Tokyo Street in recent years are wearing lengthy silhouettes and relaxed volume sense clothes. Just-size clothes hide their shadows, fashion transcends sex within a couple of years, and women also wear men’s-like big-sized clothes.




Difference with Oversize


By the way, do you know that there is a decisive difference in the meaning of "big silhouette" and "oversized"? Big silhouette is the clothes whose items themselves were designed largely, and it is made by deliberately spreading shoulder width, width of a garment, sleeve length, etc. so that it can be seen larger. On the other hand, oversize means wearing one size up to two larger than the size suitable for your body shape. The former big silhouette was seen most on the 2017 A / W street. But this silhouette can be seen often, it is not limited to now. "Rough Simmons" and "Vetomon" of 2016-17 A / W became fire, gaining enormous popularity from young people, the momentum accelerated.




Solving Power of Big Silhouette


 Big silhouette of the 90's, main style which lacks cleanliness and loose silhouette of upper and lower was mainstreamed. However, it is now more refined coupled with changing the silhouette and incorporating various brands. I wonder if the big silhouette boom will accelerate this spring as well. First of all, the reason why this silhouette is prevalent over a long period is that you can enjoy fashion without worrying even those who are not confident about your body shape. Big size coat as well as wide pants, volume sleeves and so on, with a larger silhouette, it is possible to cover all kinds of body complexes. I think it will be lighter in the spring and the exposure of the skin will also increase, but the big silhouette should be all settled.





In fashion, fashion is a thing to repeat, and at the same time it loses momentum at the same time. Meanwhile, the big silhouette will increase more and more momentum and will continue to be loved while gradually adopting new elements.