Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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Must Color In This Season


The warmth increases day by day, the color used as a fade color is getting gorgeous as well as the outfit becomes lightened. Especially popularity of "yellow" concentrates this season, not only small items, but also various items such as tops and skirts are adopted. Why is popularity focused on one color so far? There was a fact that cannot be expressed by just the seasons for the reason.




Image of Color


"Fashion is said to be a mirror of society". As the words say, the fashion trends are greatly influenced by the economic situation at that time, the climate, and the incidents that occur. As of 2018, the economy begins to recover, and weather has better weather than ever. If you look at the city, you can even feel a more festive mood, such as instant filming and the topics of the Tokyo Olympic Games. There is no reason for yellow to be popular in such times because the word that can be associated with yellow is nothing else "Yellow of Happiness". Many fashionistas reach out to the yellow that represents such a time, enjoying the fleeting happiness.




Vivid Color


Well, the yellow color of this season is often seen in accessories and tops, but in particularly skirts, it is the point that directs refreshing. The combination of skirt and yellow that shakes each time walking seems to be feminine representative, but it is suitable for casual look, along with sneakers. Regarding taste, bright vivid color is trend rather than deep yellow color which close to camel. A yellow skirt is a must have item for this season.





Yellow, green, pink and other colors of trend color are getting brighter year by year. It strangely matches the flow of society. We express not only individuality but also feelings and thoughts that are influenced by social circumstances in color. If we look at what happens and what goes on in the future, the view of society will be interesting.