Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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Heavily Favored Pattern for 2018 S/S


Many patterns are active in spring; such as gingham check and flower pattern, but 2018 S/S’s heavily favored pattern is "dot pattern". TGC visitors who are sensitive to the fashion were all wearing this pattern. There are kinds of dots such as coin dots, polka dots, and pin dots in order from the largest diameter. Among them, the smallest "pin dot" gathered overwhelming popularity. Although it seems not to be conspicuous at first sight, the weakness of the assertion conversely softens the whole atmosphere and directs lightness. For that reason, even monotone outfits can be spring-like coordination.




Hip-Hop Mood


The warmth increases day by day, it is a season to show your skin. There are many choices of tops such as offshore and V-neck, but T-shirts were people wearing the most at TGC this time. Among them, "Logo T" with pop design is gaining popularity. It was impressive that challenged flashy coloring such as red and yellow daringly than monotone and cool things. Recently, since there are many vintage designs of logos, more flashy colors are better reflected. It is an item that feels the revival of the 90's hip-hop boom.




Fresh Fade Colors


Regardless of the season in the past few years, the color difference has become more and more vivid. And the color that many TGC visitors dressed was "green". With the influence of "Khaki" being long as it is said to be immaculate in the long term, there was not much opportunity for green to attract attention. However, the fashionistas who noticed that vivid green matches the beige of the trenched trench coat quickly became a prisoner of this color. Seems like many of the people who will be addicted to green color which can feel spring and summer breeze.