Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Burberry Check

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Seasonal Pattern


The street has tremendous momentum of pattern in this season. The pattern on pattern dress has also gained popularity, and it has become a season for energetic fashionable enjoyment. Among them, "Burberry check" attracted attention. Since last autumn, a check boom is taking place with Glenn check being the lead, and the classic Burberry check has received the trend and it became the center of the topic.





The Original Check Pattern Was Born Like This


However, when Burberry dropped Burberry checks on fashion items for the first time, people did not really pay attention to it. Well, what triggered the popular fire? The answer is hidden in the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. British female athletes who had come to the tournament for coming to the tournament carried a Burberry trench coat. The media that saw the scene and picked up "This is good!" And quickly established popularity in the moment.




Re-Interpreted Tradition


The goodness of such a Burberry check has been reinterpreted by the current Millennium generation (a layer born in 1981-1996). It has changed from a British and elegantly finished style to a modern style that combines with casual items. Also, it was impressive that there was a person who was innovatively wearing the coat inside out and was enjoying the match between the trench coat and the Burberry check.





Burberry checks are handled at many second-hand clothing stores in Tokyo, so hopefully everyone can visit the stores and know the beautifulness of Burberry checks.