Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Belt Bag

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The New “Unstylish”


“Waist pouch” which caused a big boom in the 1990s sublimed and came back to this season mode. At the time it was a representative fashion item of Ura-Harajuku, such an adorkable bag. However, west porch began to pay attention again because of its sense of fashion and now popular regardless of genre.






Nova "Small Bag"


Waist pouch was triggered by overseas bloggers and influencers and quickly gained popularity through SNS. Items that have risen to the top right along with the waist pouch are “belt bags”. As the name suggests, the bag is attached to the belt, it is an item that merged the goodness of the belt and the body bag well.





Coexistence of Fashion and Functionality


The charm of “Waist Pouch” and “Belt Bag” are all functional. Lightweight and compact, it is possible to open both hands if you wrap the bag itself around your body. Particularly compatible with sports items, it matches with popular sports styles without difficulty in recent years. Just put it on a jacket and dress as the way of using a belt, usual clothes will show another aspect again.






By adjusting the length of the belt, it can be used not only as a belt bag but also as a cross body bag and clutch bag. It can be said that the high fissionability of this belt bag and waist pouch is suitable for causing a major revival boom.