Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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Denim for a Special One Wear


I think that those who love fashion have experienced, in particular, the opportunity to meet something special-minded clothes. There are many people who apply "denim" items to one of them. Denim with an active place where you can use every day or on or off. From cheap to expensive, there are so many denim items sold in the market. It is this from the exquisitely different colors, length feeling and damage condition etc! If you can find one that matches yourself, that item will definitely become a special one for you.




Dress and Denim Layered


"Denim" item, which is receiving the most attention as this spring and summer trend, is an eternal trend keyword that is loved all over the world throughout the world. Dark tone denim items are gaining popularity this season, new dress such as enjoying layered by wearing jeans under the long one piece also appeared.




The Roots of Denim


Cotton fabric called "denim" was born at the de Nimes in the southern France of the 18th century. The fabric that was being produced at the time was for wearing clothes on top so that the clothes will not get dirty at work. To dye black or dark blue with indigo dye to make this dirt inconspicuous. Later on the high durability of denim fabrics called for reputation, a big hit among America's workers across the sea. And various manufacturers started production of working trousers of denim fabric. Then, after the era of war, a wearing wave was born among women, jeans became fashionable.





Denim item now is the king of daily items that can be worn regardless of gender. Especially jeans, from the stiffness to the relaxed silhouette, can be said to be indispensable for the spring and summer coordination.