Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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The Boom Arrival


This year the vinyl bag 'PVC' is a big trend. In the first place, PVC is plastic (synthetic resin) material. In the spring and summer collection of 2018, each high brand was launched with various items ranging from outer to shoes and bags, including CHANEL. Also, it was also a popular reason that overseas bloggers all posted CELINE’s clear bag on SNS. Also, you have to consider what to put in your clear bag because it is see through so small items are also important when you carry a PVC bag.




Attraction of PVC


The biggest attraction of PVC bags is "lightness" that does not disturb the coordination. While being versatile enough to adapt to any kind of coordination, it can produce a cool impression unique to clear material. Moreover, it is a pleasing point to have it without hesitation in the rainy and summer leisure. Also, compared with natural materials, it is hard to get dirty even if it is handled somewhat miscellaneous, and it is difficult to get scratched.




Not Only for Bags


Features are rich in variations. Owned hands are leather, things of different materials of bamboo handle, and colored PVC such as brown and yellow stand out. It can be said that it became easy to incorporate not only casual but also taste. Also, since items with purse sticks increased in the bag, it became possible to use it without worrying about contents. This season not only bags, but also PVC is used for belts, sandals, short boots and so on.





Easy to us, cheap, durable, etc. There are many benefits PVC is said to be "face of the year".