Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Tiered Skirt

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What Is Tiered in The First Place?


"Tiered" is from the English tier (tier), meaning "layered, stacked up". In the fashion world, it refers to detail with ruffles and ruffles superimposed. Instead of a simple style, decorative characters are entering the mainstream, and in the past few years it has been spreading at a stretch.




Since Last Year It Already Begun


The boom seemed to appear suddenly, but the sign of popularity was already visible from small items. It is "Tiered Frill Back" which came to be seen frequently in the street last year. Also, not only bags but also accessories such as sandals, frill overlay design was developed. There have been such signs since last year, and finally this year Tiered seems to have advanced to the bottoms where it is the leading role of coordination.



Dare to Dressed Casually


Skirts are seen most often on street, among Tiered Bottoms. In recent years there were booms like pleats and flares, but Tiered is a bit different from them. It is not a skirt that complements the leading role, but there is an impact that becomes a leading role himself with a boldly large Tiered. Also, although it has a strong impression of feminine, it is overwhelmingly large in streets to match with casual items. It's now time to haze with T-shirts and sneakers and make it casual down.




Like the tiered this time, the phenomenon that the design which became a little out of date breathed back at once was happening again and again. People often say "learning in the past" when studying history, exactly the same thing can be said in fashion trends.