Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Turtle neck Vol.2

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+α Layering with Turtlenecks


Introducing outfits using turtlenecks in two installments. This time also features an array of classy fashion, producing a mature look while also keeping you warm.


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Turtleneck x Maxi Onepiece


The turtleneck around the throat accents your outfit. White also gives your complexion a brighter look.



Instead of wearing a shirt, blouse, or cutsew underneath, pair it with a turtleknit for increased protection from the cold. For color, selecting black to match the shoes provides balance.



Turtleneck x Sweats


A trendy one-tone outfit with sweats, turtleneck, and bottoms all in white.



Paired with a simple white turtleneck, the distinctive green one-tone outfit stands out. Also, attention is being given to maintain the overall balance by matching the color of the shoes. In some way this fashion gives off a Western-student look.



Turtleneck x Knitted Vest


A knitted vest centered on the growing appeal to retro fashion in recent years. It pairs very well with turtlenecks, and its excellence in choosing bottoms to match is similar to that of a turtleneck.



A balanced outfit with a red turtleneck used as an accent. Providing this color accent is another reason to love turtlenecks.



Turtleneck x Hooded sweatshirt


Pairing a hooded sweatshirt with a similar color turtleneck provides a well mixed outfit.


Turtleneck x Bustier


Pairing a bustier with a one-piece, blouse, or cutsews used to be mainstream, but pairing with a turtleneck in the winter is taking hold.


Turtleneck x Polo shirt


Pairing a turtleneck with the retro and classic look of polo shirts makes for an outfit with a sense of unpredictability.




How did you like this “Turtleneck + a” layered style that became standard for winter outfits? As we showed in this column, there are a variety of ways to layer clothing and dress well. Able to pair well with all kinds of items, there is no other item that is able to offer a sense of stability regardless of fashion style genre. By the way, in terms of brands, the proportion of “UNIQLO” is overwhelmingly high.


Turtlenecks are very convenient items that can bring out a sense of maturity just by having that little extra around your neck. From here on, I am sure it will maintain its place as the “No 1 top for winter layers.”