Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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Is That Item Back Again?!


"Leggings pants” – is becoming a trend in Tokyo now.  It is an item that is easy to wear with a sense of bottoms, not too tight. The charm of leggings pants is a place where "gaps" can be made in a good sense. For example, it is generally said that one piece is difficult to coordinate by changing the taste, but if you wear with leggings pants, you can make it casual down moderately. It can be said that it matches the current trend that "fashionable but not too much" is a key word.




Add Some Spice from This Year


Especially "Rib" which is a trend material this season is also taken in leggings pants. Stretchy, comfortable to wear outstandingly. Not only as a design, but also excellent in functionality. Let’s look at to the design of hem, it is a little bit waving and has a slit. It is merit that it is hard to emphasize the line of the foot because it does not stick to the bottom of the ankle.




Changing The Way of Dressing


It is a classic to match leggings with one piece. However, in order to brush up dressing in this year, you need to care a little bit how to fit it. It is “length” of dress or skirt. It is important to show leggings under the one piece and skirt. This year's "leggings" that is more stiff than leggings pants are also a point that dares to "crush" daringly, different from the previous leggings boom. This year 10 - minute length is the mainstream, so some advanced fashionistas who dress up to the top of their feet.





Temperature is decreasing, but not cold enough to wear tights, how about trying leggings?