Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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Concept of torc


"torc" is an accessory brand that started in 2013 with the concept of traveling accessories. A representative design of torc is "Mosha". Pierced earrings with a combination of different shapes of pearls. We also deal with vintage items purchased from abroad as well as other Pep series that is unique in shape.





Accessories to Color Special Occasions


The biggest attraction is bold and fresh design that have never seen before. Pierced earrings are more like art works rather than accessories. Such torc's pierced earrings want to wear it on a special day when tie your hair up. If you look at Instagram, you will find that many people have purchased for wedding ceremonies. There are also chic colors such as white and black, so it seems to be used for graduation ceremonies and adult ceremonies as well.




Handmade Accessories Are in "Season"


Not only torc, the popularity of handmade accessories is rising. One of the factors is the increase in the number of shops selling out consignment with applications such as Minne and others. Now is an era when anyone can become an accessory designer, the options of the purchasing side have expanded significantly. It is a translation that you do not have to bother buying in a store with a high possibility of wearing with someone. It is a convenient era, it seems that there is a tendency to seek a sense of rare and special feeling.





torc has few direct retail stores, so it is difficult to get enough at the web site as soon as it is sold out instantly. Moreover, it can be said the accessory brand that is attracting the most attention now, including making a popup shop successful at Isetan Shinjuku store in February of this year.