Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Color Trend

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“This summer, ‘latte colors’ are trending”


“Colors” are appearing less frequently on the streets in summer 2019. Loud colors are taking the backseat while light colors have become conspicuous. In particular, “latte colors” and “white” can often be seen, making one feel that they are the key to this year’s fashion. By the way, late colors are a combination of affiliated milky colors resembling a latte such as off-white, beige, and light brown. Latte colors have been avoided for a long time as they were seen to “make one appear larger,” but reined in 2019 as the leading color combination.




“The reason for their popularity”


Latte colors are girly and can be worn regardless of the genre, be it a refined style or a casual and mannish style, which is why they are popular. There are also a few other reasons why this color combination draws attention.

・A sense of uniformity can be achieved
・Looks classy
・Can leave a warm and lovable impression

Latte colors are elegant and an excellent color combination that allows the coexistence of maturity and cuteness, which is why it is well-received by a wide range of ages.




“‘All-white,’ which has revived after a few years”


Continuing from latte colors, the trend right now is a one-tone “all-white” outfit. It was last considered fashionable in 2013, but its popularity waned with time and it came back into fashion in 2018-2019 after 5-6 years. However, there is something clearly different about it from how it was when it was considering fashionable six years ago. For example, the accessories that are matched with it. In 2013, it was mainstream to match all-white outfits with black or red shoes and bags, but in 2019, there are many people who incorporate silver as an accent color. Although it is an affiliated color, it takes on the role of the “finishing color.”