Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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All-Purpose Item Re-Emerges


Autumn foliage getting deeper and it became the season when you can enjoy items of dark color. "Scarf" that you want to use with accent at such time. When it feels unsatisfactory for coordination, a versatile scarf as a plus one item can play freely depending on ideas. In recent years, it appeared as a trend item like every year, and it was getting established as a staple item in fall and winter. In 2018 A / W runway, scarf motifs are frequently seen even in tops, bottoms and accessories, and it is accelerating the boom.




The Scarf of This Season "Natural and Effortless" Is The Key


It is a scarf that has been standardized, but I also want to pay attention to changes in winding. Last year and the year before last was a trend to roll loose neck, but this season is trendy to tie in a casually and casually compact. It can be said that it is a trick to raise the freshness of coordination by conscious of this feeling and to wipe out the feeling of conservative.




"Choker Roll" Is Definitely Trendy


The topic of being able to produce a comfortable feeling easily by this season is "winding a choker." It is a point to wrap the folded scarf around the neck and wrap it with a sense like a choker. Also, it is a feature of this year that brings a knot to the back, or a rough knot and hangs in front. It's absolutely easy, it would be nice to try even for people those who have never wear scarf.





In addition to the scarf of this time, it is important to keep the freshness of coordination plus the rarity of this year to dress in standardized items. While catching the trend, I want you to enjoy your own scarf style.