Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Dad Sneaker

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Choose the Right Shoes for the Turn of the Season


Let’s talk about "Dad sneakers", not limited to shoes, the trend is that once swaying strongly, penetrating, repelling and repelling waves that wobble backwards. As a result of breaking through the universal fashion called recent normcore, it seems that it has arrived at a leading role sneaker such as dad sneakers.




"Exquisitely Disgusting" Is New


Originally Dad sneakers are "sneakers that DAD (Daddy / Dad) would wear". Based on volume sneakers a bit "wacky" or "uncle-look" can be felt Dad sneakers. Feature is thick and big. In other words, it is inexperienced in a good way, it is exquisitely daunting. Overseas it is called "uncool sneakers", "ugly shoes" from that. The charm is that you can enjoy a beautiful dress and feel comfortable and where you can enjoy the removal of coordination. Also, because of the volume sole, also an advantage that you can also aim for a style-up effect. The current Dad sneakers are items that upgrade the 90's style and youth culture looks.




Where Does That Boom Start from?


There are so many luxury brands releasing Dud sneakers, Balenciaga and Gucci are the leading makers who have made a movement at once. Particularly the Balenciaga released sneakers in the atmosphere of the 1980's, popularity accelerated as fashion celebrities posted it on SNS. Although such a Dodd sneaker, well-known brands such as Acne and YEEZY also develop taste sneakers similar.







Retro sneakers that have been deployed from sports brands such as New Balance due to the influence of Dad sneakers have also been drawing attention again. It is a great appeal of sports brands to combine functionality as well as design.