Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Flare Pants

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Revival Item


Boot-cuts, which were once very popular, have been revived as “flare pants”. Before it was said to be boot-cuts, baggy pants, etc. When it comes to boot-cuts, there are not a few people who have a negative image, such as being difficult to incorporate in coordination. However, the boot-cuts itself is a very effective item to emphasize the leg length effect and the thinness of the waist. Furthermore, it became a topic that the style looks better if combined with cropped tops.




Wind Flare Pants of This Year


Features include "relaxed materials" and "high rise". The 70's "bohemian style" that was in vogue is a thick fabric such as denim and low rise. The revival is not as it is, it has been updated to modern. It is a trend that has been interpreted in a contemporary style and changed its name as "flare pants".




Trend Background


In order to know the background of the trend, it is necessary to review the trend of bottoms in recent years. First of all, the "Big Silhouette Boom" has brought great influence. In the wake of the high-brand collection, the outer silhouette and tops of the big silhouette have penetrated to the general public. In addition, the popularity of the big silhouette has been accelerated, so many people are combining skinny pants with bottoms as a way to dress well. The wave of wide pants comes by reaction. And this year's trend is that boot cuts with partial accents on the details have become a trend. The boot cut works well with big silhouettes and long lengths. It can be said that it is easy to match the trend to the diversified tops.





Flare pants that would not have been accepted a year or two ago. However, if you understand the flow of trends in recent years, you can be convinced. This is a testimony of the fashion trend, and it is a point that attracts interest.