Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Down Jacket

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Evolutionary Down Jacket


"Down jacket" where there was a sign of popularity since last season revives greatly as a trend item this season. Winter outerwear in the past few years was mainstream such as "Long length", "Chester coat", but this season will reverse the "short length", "volume down" to the must outer. Even in the high brand collection of 18-19 AW, many unique evolutionary downs were announced and it became a hot topic.




Add Some This Year’s Trend into Design and Color


Of particular attention was "design down" such as big silhouette and dropped shoulders. Short length is highly recommended because you do not have to think about what to wear your bottoms. If you say down jacket, it comes with hood, but this season shawl color and no color are mainstream. In addition, the impression changes depending on the material and color can be used not only for casual but also for various scenes. If you choose a material of matte texture, it is easy to use for beautiful coordination, and the range of coordination also expands.




Dropped Shoulders Style


I have seen the styling with a dress and flair long skirt a lot this season. When you wear these kind of outfits, "dropped shoulders" is a must to do. The shoulder dropping was applied to shirts in spring and summer, etc. "Collared" was also applied to outer and cardigans etc. By dropping the shoulder as its name suggests, the down jacket, which tends to be impudent, is also a loose impression, giving a feeling of fallout to the coordination.




Down Jacket Popularity Is Not Limited to Just Outerwear


Down jacket, is like this season's trend item. That momentum is not limited to just outerwear, even a super volumetric muffler named "down muffler" appeared. In the current season that coordination tends to be mannerism, the velum colorful down muffler is perfect as an accent of styling.
The fire maker of the down muffler is "THE NORTH FACE”. Although it has attracted popularity mainly in backpacks and outerwear in recent outdoor boom, attention is gathered to down muffler containing brand logo this season. THE NORTH FACE items that can be used not only for outdoor activities but also for town use are looped on one side so that there is no misalignment during use, and there is no stress to be rewound. In addition, the fake vest type with a zip, which imaged the down vest of the 70's release, has also been developed and became a topic that it can be used instead of inner down.


The item of this down type will definitely become a trend next season, and many more products will be expected.