Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



To the era in which fashion seeks essential functionality

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 In just one year from launch, they exhibited at the largest men's fashion brand exhibition "PITTI" in Florence, Italy, and major department stores such as Isetan and Mitsukoshi begin handling one after the other, from the world "D-VEC" attracting attention. This brand is a fashion brand announced in 2017 by Globe Ride Co., Ltd. which manufactures and sells golf, racket sports, cycle sports, centering on the fishing "DAIWA". In "Amazon Fashion Week 2017" which was held from 20th to 25th of the same year, installations were held inside the store as well as brand debut, which is also known to have had a great impact on many visitors.


Fishing Vest




Super light weight

made with Monofilament



 At the Fashion Week in October 2018, they announced the Spring / Summer Collection of 2019 at the plaza at Akasaka Ark Hills. Their looks are not only stylish but also practicality.


 Dare to be known as a fishing brand so far, distance from the fans of "fishing", pursuing design as a high fashion brand while using the functionality of "fishing". By doing so, they got fans who are non-fishing or not even ionterested in those activities.

Also, since it is currently in the midst of an outdoor boom, varios brands produce sportswear and outdoor wear, but many of them are not functionable. It is because Globe Ride that has overwhelming know-how cultivated in various fields such as fishing gear, golf, racquet sports, and cycle sports,so it can be felt that it is a functional and excellent stylish one.


 Although it is an outdoor boom that seems to be still continuing ahead in the future, so would like to focus more attention on what sports brand produce daily clothes with a essence of sports wear the brand. From now on, many of the outdoor brands start focusing on not only functionally but also design.



DAIWA's Fishing Vest × Highend Brands



Taiki(Photo Spot:Omotesando)





Yohji Yamamoto D'URBAN A.A.R





D-VEC 2019SS Item


Introducing items to comfortably spend the spring and summer.

Even during the rainy season, it has highly water repellent / waterproof to accommodate any situations.




D-VEC Amazon Fashion Week 2019 SS