Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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Surprisingly Versatile!? Trend Color of This Season


There is plenty of colors in this season’s outfit and "purple" is the most popular color. Purple is perfect for enjoying a seasonal feeling as a personality color that surrounds and sets a difference. There are images that make color matching difficult, but if purple is basic color, it is familiar to any color, and a versatile color.




Choose Your Own Purple


Especially this year, various purple such as pale "Sweet Purple", calm "Sick Purple", protagonist "Ultra Violet" etc. are widely deployed. In autumn and winter, the season when people wear dark colors, purple can be some spice to add colors in their outfits.




Strategy of Fashionable Color “Purple”


Purple of this season is wide range of shades, so hesitates to choose a color .... In such a case, regardless of reddish or bluish, it is the bottoms that can challenge various purple. At first glance, hurdles seem to be high purple pants, but in fact it is an excellent item that can make you feel comfortable just by wearing it. Fashionista who got tired of simple outfits adopted purple at the bottoms, enjoying a top notch coordination. The advantage of incorporating color with bottoms is that it is not affected by the reflection of the face, so it is easy to incorporate a clear color to the coordination.





If you are tired of current outfits, then why do not you take in the trend color purple effectively and enjoy fresh coordination?