Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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The sudden appearance of slits


Among people that are sensitive to fashion trends, slit designs have been gaining popularity since 2017. Currently, we can see the slits being used in many standard designs, however, the first exposure for the common person was from Chinese style dresses. Still, it wasn’t exactly something you would see on a walk through the streets. They were used in model and runway clothing brands, but high fashion and the average person go together like oil and water.




The state of slits


Every year they announce the fall and winter fashion collections in May–June. We still saw many slit designs in 2019. This year brands that are beloved around the world, such as Chloé and Issey Miyake, put a focus on street fashion with slit designs. Now everybody has some kind of standard slit design. As deep slits have become more common, there has been a shift from it just being for comfort and mobility to the designs being sexy and elegant to all sorts of people.




Deep slits and layers in 2019


There was a dramatic increase in slit designs from around the fall of 2018 to 2019. There are two words that cover the focus of slit designs this year: deep and layered. Wearing a deep slit skirt or one piece on top of jeans or another skirt has become the staple of layered fashion. The deep slit has a striking impact that has greatly increased its’ popularity. Thanks to this, it has spread to genreless fashion and been featured in many magazines for many different demographics.


Slit designs have also become popular in South Korea so it seems like there is a big slit design boom everywhere you look. The genreless design has spread far and wide in South Korea after being adopted by teens. It’s now a standard style there. Recently tiny slits on the bottom of dresses and pants known as petite slits have started to gain traction out of Japanese fashion. Let’s see how far they go.