Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Trench Coat

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“Yearly changes to the staple of Spring wear”


Regardless of the changing face of fashion, and however many times a trend may come and go, the trench coat has always reigned supreme as the staple of Spring wear. Worn by persons of all ages, the trench coat, with its basic silhouette, has been the dominant face of Spring fashion and is continually evolving. The trench coats of this year are different from those of the last. While preserving basic design elements, they also incorporate new fashion trends. In a time when experimenting with various fashions has become easier, many young persons are gravitating towards the “adult look”. The trench coat, which was once the iconic look of the “beautiful mademoiselle”, is a fashion item that will continue to evolve as it reflects the changing trends and meets the demands of the younger wearers, whilst preserving its most fundamental design components.




“Back consciousness: looking smart from behind”


The reoccurring trend of the past 2 to 3 years can be summed up in the phrase, “back consciousness”: an outlook that demands clothes to have a fashionable rear-look to make its wearer appear smart even from behind. This trend has influenced trench coat designs. While the front piece of the coat maintains its traditional simplicity, making it seem like an ordinary trench coat, the rear piece incorporates new design elements, including the combination of different materials and pleating. All in all, much consideration is placed on how the coat would appear from its backside. With the explosive popularity of social networking sites, younger persons have been taken in by the “back consciousness” trend; a development that has taken the idea of the photogenic design to a new level of excitement.




“The personal trench coat: uniqueness in a familiar landscape”


Amongst the 2019 collection, there has been a noticeable presence of trench coats bearing some kind of descriptive preamble in their names. There is the “beautiful-back trench coat” that reflects the “back consciousness” trend; the “transforming trench coat” that allows wearers to modify their coat in 2 or 3 ways; and the “dress trench coat” that accentuates the beautiful lines of the wearer’s silhouette. In short, there are many trench coat designs available that cannot be summed up simply as a trench coat anymore. With the growing acceptance of self-expression and the widespread availability of clothes, people have come to resist the thought of losing oneself in the crowd or being ordinary. Perhaps these sentiments are affecting the familiar world of trench coats, thus leading to the emergence of new designs and philosophies.