Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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It all Started with K-POP


Setup suits have now become a fashion staple. We saw a lot of them in TGC 2019. Originally, setup suits were a highly formal kind of menswear worn formal occasions, especially on occasions such as ceremonies. Setup suits are strongly associated with menswear and are thought to have their origins in suits, but they have now become a classic in ladies fashion too. They are said to have become popular in Japan as casual fashion because of the influence of K-POP.


Setup suits worn so stylishly by K-POP artists spread around the world at lightning speed, then appeared in Korean fashion mail order, which is said to “be creating Japan’s fashion economy.” They spread all over Japan in a flash as Korean fashion. A lot of contemporary fashion, which is diversifying, has come from K-POP. The amazing sensitivity of Japanese girls gets a lot of interest around the world.




The Development of Setup Suits


These days, you can now see a lot of different setup suit styles and colors on the street. Not only the pants-and-jacket style, but combinations of mini skirts or shorts and jackets have also become standard. A trend that has been around for about a year now, is a move away from the conventional jacket style to a bustier and long skirt setup suit, which we are seeing in a wider variety of ways.


Attracting attention in 2019 is the "adult, clean, relaxed" setup suit. These include a top with a slightly loose silhouette combined with a tight skirt and the three-piece setup of rib-knit camisole, pants, and cardigan. With so many designs and silhouettes that look beautiful on adults, this is also spurring the “adultification of fashion.” In terms of fabrics, it is linen, which breathes well and is often worn in summer, that’s in fashion, rather than fabrics like nylon or cotton. Many setup suits with the overall themes of “relaxed” and “resort” were presented on the TGC201 runway.Linen, a slightly loose silhouette, clean and stylish can be said to be the trends for setup suits in 2019.