Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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“Set Up” coordinate suits are becoming a fashion staple


The last Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) of the Heisei Era arrived accompanied by a bit of cold. This time too, we checked the fashion sense of the trend-aware girls. The “Set Up” style coordinated suits which, after getting lots of attention last year, have been very numerous this time too were what made, for us, the biggest impression.
The items of each set, which can be effectively matched in a variety of different combinations to wear, are a powerful ally of the girls who, despite the daily expenses on cosmetics, cafes, and such, won’t give up on fashion. There are plenty of men’s style “Set Up” suits but, nonetheless, they have already become a staple of feminine fashion.
Lots of “Set Up” suits, as well as clothes of similar styles, were also adopted and proudly displayed by the “Shibuya 109” style brands at the stage of the TGC. The “Set Up” suit, which after being taken as an influence from Korean fashion has also become widely used in Japanese fashion, is a style of coordinated suit which items can be routinely worn separately.




Patterns just for the highlights, simplicity for the base


Big floral patterns, leopard patterns, and many others were prevalent in 2018. One could think that every year, at spring, patterned clothes become really popular, but this year, there seems to be a slightly different trend ongoing, as the way of incorporating the patterns has changed.
Particularly, there’s been a great surge of people adopting patterns for the “highlights” of their clothes, such as scarves, bags, shoes, and bustiers. The bases are simple, but by incorporating patterns to those “highlights”, it all comes off as a more casual fashion style. Gingham Check, floral patterns, leopard patterns, and various others are being adopted as accents.
Additionally, the “fine geometric patterns” and “figurative patterns” (with motives such as harnesses, belts, jewelry, or animals) which could also be commonly seen, bring to mind the “O-Sawari Gara” and it’s Showa Era feeling. This may become a fashion style that, coming from the Showa Era, lived through the Heisei Era, and is now to be inherited and continued through the Reiwa Era.




Diversifying fashion styles and trends


On this occasion, the various brands present at the stage of the TGC have presented, generally speaking, a great number of makeup and coordinated outfit proposals with a focus towards a “Resort” and “Tailored” feelings. It was very impressive to notice that some of the visitors had already embraced these ideas.
Additionally, the variety of jacket styles is diversifying, as designs and silhouettes change year after year. We can’t wait to see how the girls are going to incorporate those swiftly changing trends into their own personal style, and how will it all come to place in the trends of 2019.