Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Quilted Outer

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Interior Decoration Originating Overseas has become a Fashion

This year, the design that people often saw on the street must have been “quilting.” In particular, there had been more quilting designs in jackets, and people across ages and genders love the pattern. Because they were exceptional items with both cold protection function and lightness, there may have been many people who were just wearing quilting. Also, unlike down jackets, many of them are thin and light so they can be worn until March, which is ad advantage.



First of all, people tend to think of quilting as stitching/patchwork people can do at home, but its origins go back to Egypt, Russia, and China, where they were used for cold protection and carpets. Later, flower patterns became part of clothes and interior decorations and started to spread. They were good at heat retention, sturdy and long-lasting, and at the same time, light and could be used for many purposes. It’s no wonder the fashion industry that has been “function-oriented” recently is now focusing on it.



Currently, there are more quilting designs with many kinds of shapes of stitches, such as plaid patterns, vertical lines, and wave patterns. They are, of course, used for coats but also daily items like bags and porches. On the first look, the design might seem “tacky” and is for “old people,” but this appears refreshing to the millennial generation. In the future, the quilting would spread to the bottoms as well. We look forward to new designs that will come up in the future.