Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Mouton Jacket

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Changing values and design


Down and boa winter outerwear has continued to be trendy since last season, but there have been so many people on the street wearing “mouton” that it can be said to have taken the leading role this season. Outerwear that was labeled as "lame" up until a few years ago is now one of the leading trends. In recent years, it has become a trend for retro items such as drawstring bags, CPO jackets, and suiting style to be freshly reflected in millenials. This explains the popularity of mouton, which is the most retro feeling outerwear.



Orthodox items are also popular, but the freedom of design for mouton has become fairly high during 2019-20.  It is a given that the materials will become better each year, but there are big changes that can be seen visually, such as the mixing of different materials and clothing length. Among those, the short-length mouton leaves a big impression. Mouton is known to come down to the hips, and this perfect length is one of its selling points. However, the length became shorter this season, and it is becoming more common to wear it like a down jacket. The range is expanding even further with racing jacket designs and super-trendy pastel moutons.



This range began with standard coats, jackets, and shoes, and is expanding to include vests and bags. It is expected that mouton, which left a mark this season, will become even more established next season. In addition to a wide variety of different items, it is likely that the silhouette of the mouton will remain tight but with the length drawn out to 120%, and with different colors.