Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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The Charm of Irregular and Uneven Clothing


The asymmetry trend we saw a lot of in 2018 has come back even bigger this season. The fashion trend started around 2016 and slightly died down until its revival two to three years later. The one-shoulder tops we saw this summer were one of the pieces of the asymmetrical look. Entering into the autumn season, we will continue to see one-shoulder and open shoulder sweaters, dresses with different patterns or materials on each side, and even skirts of varying lengths as the range of asymmetrical fashion evolves. Furthermore, we’ve seen people purposely rearranging their shirt buttons in conflicting styles, wearing their coats with one shoulder hanging off, and other unique ways of dressing.



Asymmetry has made it this far because of its endless possibilities and charm. Irregular and uneven clothing can also be used as an optical illusion to make us appear slimmer. With one look, you can be seen as effortlessly stylish, and is also a real eye-catcher while scrolling through social media. In recent years, wearing asymmetrical accessories like earrings has also become widespread. The advantage of wearing asymmetrical fashion is not looking like you’ve overdone your outfit, rather, you are seen as a modestly unique and refined fashionista.