Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Boater&Net Bag

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“The boater which has been revived”


In recent years, berets and caps have taken the main stage in the hat department, but this summer, the “boater” has showed signs of revival.” It was last in fashion in 2009 to 2010, when it was a hat that was in fashion as a “cute” item that went well with the “forest girl” style. However, the boater, which made a come-back this season, underwent a complete change from its previous identity as a “cute” item, and now, mature and classical items are in fashion. The design with a long ribbon tied under the chin has become mainstream. The boater, which used to give the impression of being “unfashionable” and “like a farmer,” has become an indispensable fashion item this summer.




The leading trend in bags


The “net bag” started garnering attention 2018 and has overtaken basket bags to become the new classic summer accessory. Its official name is fishnet bag and was named as such due to its resemblance to the net used by fisherman when fishing. It is a webbed bag that, at first glance, looks like its contents might fly out and it does not function well as a bag if there some sort of bag is not inserted. However, the fact that one can make it look unique with pouches and items that they put inside became a hot topic and it became an item so popular that there are no days when it cannot be spotted on the streets. The mainstream color is ivory, but recently, they can also be seen in black and silver, and the number of available colors is increasing. Also, bags that have handles made of leather are now available, and the designs will surely continue to evolve in the future.