Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Fall / Winter Trend Color

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The Removed Concept of “Seasonality”


Trend color of 2019, “Smokey pastel.” In particular, it is close to a pale tone, low saturation, dull and powdery coloring. This color is often used in spring, however, it also appeared in fall and winter and presents a change in the seasonal image color. Regarding the coordination, matching white to mint color is major and many fresh dress styles that make you feel more of a spring feeling were seen. Freshness is added to coordination by having the smokey pastel colors in fall and winter season like spring. The coordination is finished with a soft impression and becomes gorgeous in fall and winter season where more dark colors appear. 



Currently, the concept of seasonality, which was one of the promises for fashion coordination, is disappearing. It was standard in Japan with its distinctive four seasons, however, global warming and climate change in recent years caused a change. In particular, “four seasons” was lost as they say there was no boundary between seasons this year. Of course, dressing in colors arranged according to the season is fun. However, now as seasonality is disappearing, the way of thinking that “being able to wear your favorite color when you want” would be a new concept for Japanese fashion.