Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Long Boots

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The unexpected boom in knee high boots.


Knee high boots, which never became a fashion trend due to the image that they were out of fashion and not cool, nonetheless became a trend in 19-20AW. This season saw a surge in the trend of boots which hides half of your legs such has knee high and knee length boots, and are now made by many different brands. The design and function drastically changed since last time it became fashionable. The heels and soles of the boots which were extremely high and thick in the past have now disappeared, and the focus is now on how easy they are to walk in such as flat ones and chunky heels.



In particular, the most memorable thing was the appearance of the knee high stocking boots. This design looks like a combination of knee high stockings and short boots, and it is now adopted by many different brands such as ZARA. The stockings are easy to store, and no longer would people worry about storage space for the knee high boots in their closet. Also, as it has high adhesion, it can also work as a leg warmer.



Finally, on the current fashion of long×long, which combines a long skirt and one piece with knee high boots, and it does not look like knee high boots at a glance. This style became famous after fashion brands such as CELINE and BANNER BARRETT showcased them at the Paris Fashion Week in the autumn and winter of 2019-2020. Knee high boots may become the norm as knee high boots with different deigns, color, and functions makes an appearance next season.