Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Double brdoeasted jacket

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■Revival of Jackets from the Late ’80s


In 2020, traditional forms of fashoin have been coming back in style. More and more double-breasted jackets are being seen around town. They stand out for having heavy overlap of the left and right front flaps, as well as two symmetrical vertical columns of buttons. Many magazines and media outlets are focusing on them as the trend of this spring, and their availability to females is also increasing.



Giorgio Armani came up with the double-breasted jacket, which was extremely popular among “fashionable middle-eged men” in the late ’80s. However, they were fitted with shoulder pads back then, giving them a loose-fitting silhouette that could be described as “portly and full of presence.” Most would have never imagined that these jackets would come back into fashion today. The retro fad and co-ord set trend in recent years likely have a significant impact on the arrival of double-breasted jackets in the world of street fashion. In addition, because unisex fashion has become the norm in the modern day, styles in which females wear masculine items have become commonplace.



The double-breasted jackets that are in fashion now are checkered, striped, or simply solid-colored, and a compact silhouette that is rather tight at the waist is mainstream. The rigid impression of a double-breasted jacket is skillfully neutralized through pairing with denim pants for a casual look or with flared pants with lacework.



Double-breasted jackets have now turned into a flexible item that can be a part of feminine or casual styles. It is interesting to see what kinds of designs, silhouettes, and colors will emerge next seaason.